Volume 8, Issue 2

April 2024
Editors: Jack Marin & Daniel Klein

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Volume 8, Issue 1

Decemeber 2023
Editors: Jack Marin & Daniel Klein

Our Fall 2023 issue discusses a diverse set of global issues and geographies. Our researchers analyzed a range of issues including Chinese investment in Angolan oil infrastructure, health and reproductive rights in South Africa and Latin America, and the Russo-Ukrainian War’s role in reshaping European Union climate policy. Similarly, our policy proposals explored foreign policy topics such as the role of the press in shaping South Korean democracy, conflict in the Aegean Sea, and migrant remittances in the Philippines.

Volume 7, Issue 2

APRIL 2023
Editors: Habeeb El-amir & Michael Cardamone

Our Winter 2023 edition covers a variety of global issues that span different topics and regions. Our researchers analyzed the concern of human rights violations in preparation for sporting events, ethnic tensions in Kosovo, and the impact of element mining in the DRC and Venezuela. Our policy proposals explored the state of Brazil's economy and nuclear energy production in the United States, while our senior analysts wrote on relations between Saudi Arabia and Iran and the CHIPS and Science Act.

Volume 7, Issue 1

December 2022
Editors: Habeeb El-amir & Michael Cardamone

Our Fall 2022 issue tackles a variety of modern topics concerned with military involvement, economic development, and long-standing health-related issues. Our researchers analyzed U.S. military aid and intervention, physical and mental health dilemmas in India and Iran, and progress in the energy and trade sectors of countries across Asia. Our policy proposals assessed environmental changes in the international community and humanitarian failures in the Middle East, while our senior analysts wrote on ongoing foreign issues such as the Russian invasion of Ukraine and COP27.

Volume 6, Issue 2

April 2022
Editors: Connor Bradbury & Billy Keim

The Winter 2022 issue contends with a slew of sudden and far-reaching challenges to the developed world order, including Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and its implications on Europe’s energy supply, NATO’s future, and resource scarcity in former Soviet states. MFPC’s analysts also focus on the successful roadmaps and brewing turmoil of developing countries, exploring themes ranging from the economic impacts of Sri Lanka’s civil war to Afghanistan’s immunization and renewable energy campaigns.

Volume 6, Issue 1

December 2021
Editors: Connor Bradbury & Billy Keim

The Fall 2022 edition discusses a wide variety of issues in the Middle East, ranging from the political ramifications of conflict in the energy sector to the humanitarian and economic consequences of arms deals between the U.S., Middle East, and China. Other topics include case studies of responses to international humanitarian crises such as HIV/AIDS and COVID-19, U.S. anti-corruption institutions in Mongolia, China’s energy double-control plan, and more.

Volume 5, Issue 2

april 2021
Editors: David Carpenter & Sarah Abdelbaki

Our Winter 2021 issue considers both historical/ developing military and economic issues within and between countries, such as child soldiers in the Middle East, U.S. drone policy, workforce opportunities for women Syrian refugees, and EU development aid in Somalia. Our analysts also explore human rights violations targeted toward marginalized and vulnerable groups, including sexual violence toward Uyghur women and a lack of education for Palestinian youth in Gaza.

Volume 5, Issue 1

December 2020
Editors: David Carpenter & Sarah Abdelbaki

Written during the University’s first fully online semester due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Fall 2020 issue explores topics spanning from Cold War coups to freedom decay in Hong Kong. MFPC’s analysts also discuss issues such as NATO’s posture in the Baltic region and home demolition within the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Volume 4, Issue 2

april 2020
Editors: Connor Bradbury & Bryce Brannen

In our Winter 2020 edition, our research analysts examine complex government relations across different regions, including the relationship between the U.S. and Israel, Turkey and NATO, and the U.S. and African countries. This issue also considers human rights abuses in East Africa while our policy proposals assess political issues on the international stage regarding Belarus, Hong Kong, and North Korea.

Volume 4, Issue 1

december 2019
Editor: Karuna Nandkumar

The Fall 2019 edition includes in-depth discussion of human rights issues and violations on a variety of stages, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Balkans, the Middle East, North Africa, and even analyzes the United Nations’ limited ability to protect said human rights. Policy proposals delve into U.S. - China relations, specifically analyzing potential solutions to the U.S. - China trade war as well as the navigation of intellectual property disputes between the two nations.

Volume 3, Issue 2

April 2019
Editor: Will Solmssen

The Winter 2019 issue explores a series of conflicts in the Middle East, including the Kurdish independence movement and the formation of a new  power bloc with Saudi Arabia and Israel. Our researchers also discuss political and economic developments that have affected governments in South America, including the influence of Maduro’s charisma on his leadership and FDI growth rates for Brazil, Argentina, and Colombia. 

Volume 3, Issue 1

December 2018
Editor: April Song

The Fall 2018 edition primarily focuses analysis on issues relating to the Middle East, China, Russia, and the United States. Topics include insurgent groups in Iran, Russian ambitions in the Arctic region, Chinese non-implementation of sanctions within Sino-Iranian trade, and a case study into the significance of China’s String of Pearls.

Volume 2, Issue 2

April 2018
Editors: Martha Abrams, Shigeta Komatsubra, Karuna Nandkumar, & Danny Teng

Our Winter 2018 edition takes on complex economic issues, including China’s economic ties to Africa and diversification of trade in Venezuela. This edition also marks the first time policy proposals were included in our journals, as our members propose solutions to the Myanmar refugee crisis and analyze U.S. restrictions on Cuba during the Trump administration.

Volume 2, Issue 1

December 2017
Editors: N/A

Selected topics from the Fall 2017 issue include analysis of Russia’s foreign policy in the post-Soviet space, employment and education outcomes in Tibetan refugees in Nepal and India, and an examination of Israel and Palestinian extremism post-Oslo.

Volume 1, Issue 2

April 2017
Editors: N/A

Selected topics from the Winter 2017 issue include an analysis of the impact of Saudi Arabia and Iran on the Syrian civil war, Russia war crimes across conflicts, and the effect of international laws and policies on the reintegration and demobilization of child soldiers.

Volume 1, Issue 1

December 2016
Editors: N/A

The Fall 2016 journal is comprised of four specific papers: analysis of the effect of public opinion on ratification on the 2015 Paris Climate Accords, a case study of the relationship between government stability and humanitarian intervention, a global health perspective on antibiotic stewardship programs, and an exploration of the relationship between the mental health challenges of deployed civilian contractors and OEF/OIF veterans.